JAMFEST 2022 is happening September 16-18th, read details below!


JAMFEST 2022!!!! 
Where: Marsh Lake Community Centre (MLCC), 80 Doehle Drive, Judas Creek. 
When: Sept 16-18! There’ll be many classes, two concerts and endless 

Camping: You can RV or tent camp at Marsh Lake Community 
Centre, or check out the Yukon Gov’t Marsh Lake Campground. The washrooms 
at MLCC are open 24/7! 

Jamming/Classes: There is a fire pit and we will jam!! The classes are 
Jamming 101, Piano, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion and Harmony 

Teachers: Include Annie Avery, Barbara Chamberlin, Deb Bergman, Anne Turner, Steve Slade, and Andrea McColeman, Amelia Rose!!! 

Health: Social distancing and masks are recommended. Sanitizer and masks 
provided. Classrooms will be sanitized between classes. 

Registration: Go to ywim.ca and register under Products and Services 
- or e-transfer to yukonwomeninmusic@gmail.com (no password needed). If 
you aren't a member and want to sign up to be one, you can do that on the webiste as 
well. It's the same price in the end and then you get the news, performance privileges, 
and more. 

Cost: The cost is $140 for members, $170 for non-members. This includes all classes, 
jamming, and use of the Marsh Lake Community Centre for cooking and bathroom 
Facilities. Mentorship/lessons are $30 extra and you can sign up on the website as well 
or send a separate e-transfer. No refunds once you sign up. The deadline to register is 
September 12. 

For more info - Contact Barbara at bcyukon@mac.com

Download Questionnaire here:  JamFest 2022 Registration Questionnaire

and send to Barbara Chamberlin at: bcyukon@mac.com