Your 2023-24 Yukon Women in Music Board:


President: Arlin McFarlane

Treasurer: Heather Keny

Secretary: Hannah Roth

Directors: Lisa Knight, Mary Tiessen, and Beth Dart


Many thanks to retiring board members: Tania Gosselin, BJ MacLean, Nicole Bauberger, and Jeanne George



Yukon Women in Music started in 1998 with the question: “Are there really enough women musicians in the Yukon to even have a group?” The answer was yes, and a core of women songwriters began meeting and doing songwriting circles. Since that time, audiences have been enchanted during the many concerts featuring and introducing the talents of women singer-songwriters, both experienced and emerging. YWIM has been a great success in so many ways, from launching new talent, to support for all levels of songwriters, to creating professional development opportunities through presenting concerts and workshops, through mentorship and touring and by releasing CDs.

To celebrate the Millennium, a live compilation CD was recorded in Haines Junction and released at the Yukon Arts Centre. This was followed by a Yukon tour to the communities that included concerts, workshops and a Yukon women’s history display. In 2004, a second compilation CD was released featuring Yukon women recording artists. In 2008, Lynn Miles and Christine Church were invited north to produce and engineer a third compilation CD. A gala at the Yukon Arts Centre and a tour to Yukon communities celebrated it’s release.

Over the years, YWIM has focused on the growth of women musicians at all stages of their artistic and professional vision.  In 1998, there were 2 women with CDs released: Barbara Chamberlin and Lucie Desaulniers. There are now over 20 Yukon women recording artists with multiple releases, some who are touring nationally and internationally. Congratulations YWIM!

Here are some highlights:

▪     Fall 2003: YWIM Concert, Produced by Annie Avery

▪     Songwriting Workshop with Heather Bishop

▪     Christmas Sing-a-long @ Steve’s Music, Organized by Susie Ross

▪     Sound Board workshop with Steve Darke, Organized by Heather Loewen

▪     February 2004: YWIM set @ Frostbite Music Festival

▪     March 2004: Campfire Girls Concert @the Guild Hall, Produced by Kim Beggs

▪     April 2004: Strategic Planning Meeting

▪     April 2004: YWIM night @ Backwater Lounge

▪     July 2004: YWIM set @ Atlin Arts & Music Festival

▪     “YWIM Compilation CD” Compiled & Manufactured

▪     YWIM CD Release Concert

▪     January 2005: Night on a Whim Concert @ United Church, Produced by Heather Loewen & Stacey Burnard

▪     YWIM night @ the Backwater Lounge

▪     January 2006: YWIM Concert @ the United Church, Produced by Kathy Craig & Kate Weekes

▪     April 2006: YWIM night @ Paddy’s Place

▪     June 2006 : House Concert @ the Stehelin Ranch, Produced by Barb Chamberlin & Eva Stehelin

▪     Summers 2006, 2007, 2008 Garden Parties at the Stehlin Ranch

▪     December 2006: Creation of YWIM website,

▪     December 2006: YWIM on MySpace,

▪     February & March 2007: 4 YWIM nights at the Chocolate Claim

▪     March 2007: YWIM Concert at ATCO Tent, CWG Cultural Festival and YWIM Concert in Haines Junction

▪     November 2007: Concert at Marsh Lake – Produced by Megan Haddock & Stacey Burnard

▪     February 2008: YWIM Recording Project Phase 2 Begins!

▪     Fall 2008 – Tether hooks & velcro CD Release concert at Yukon Arts Centre.

▪     Fall 2008 & spring 2009 concert & workshop tour to: Carmacks, Pelly Crossing, Mayo, Dawson City, Teslin, Watson Lake, Haines Junction, Craig Lake.

▪     Spring 2010 : Celebrating 10 years of YWIM concert featuring 20 women musicians. Produced by Nicole Edwards

▪     Fall 2010 and 2011 : ‘YWIM en francais’ concerts in partnership with l’Association Franco-yukonnaise. Produced by Nicole Edwards

Song Rise - YWIM CD Compilation

December 2011 : Celebrating Winter concert featuring YWIM collaborations produced by Erica Heyligers

YWIM workshops at Frostbite  2004, 2009 & 2010 & 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas Concerts

YWIM Cook Shack Sessions - Family-Friendly Acoustic Concerts in Yukon Parks Campgrounds, 2016 - present. Project Manager: BJ MacLean

YWIM workshops: Sound Tech'ing Levels 1 and 2, Guitar Maintenance, Songwriting, Chart Writing, Performance (Unplugged and Plugged In} 2011 - 2018 

YWIM Musical Retreats: Conrad Music Retreat 2017; JamFest 2018 - present; Project Manager: Barbara Chamberlin

YWIM is a non-profit society that welcomes new members. For more information, contact: